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Road Rage raises its ugly head

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I was coming home from the car show Saturday. There were 4 cars in front of me, nothing behind me for about 100 yds. An SUV pulled out in front of us, first car (Car #1)
swerved. About a mile later car #1 passed the SUV and slowed down from 55 mph to 40. The SUV tried several times to pass but car #1 would speed up then slow back down. When I saw the game they were playing, I dropped back to what I thought was a safe distance. This is a busy 2 lane road (from the Bay Bridge to the beach) with several fatalities every summer. I thought I was going to be a statistic. Suv went to pass car #1 while there was oncoming traffic. Cars in front of me went in all directions. (Looked like Tony Stewart bumping Casey Kane). Oncoming car (car #2) went off the road, come back on, went sideways with full body roll, fish tailed the other way, again with full body roll. He went from side to side, I thought he was going to start barrel rolling. I got as far to the side of the road as I could and stopped. This was happening about 40 yds in front of me. Car #2 finally got enough control to stop the body roll but was heading directly at me (about 20 yds out). This all happened in a matter of about 5 seconds, my whole life flashed before my eyes. Driver of car #2 was able to steer his car across in front of me, missing only by about 20 feet. He just missed a telephone pole and went between 2 trees. When he was able to get stopped he was in someones yard, lucky there was not a ditch. The good Lord smiled on us yesterday as no one made contact and no one was injured. It was a very anxious few seconds. There was almost one less 65 on the road, and they don't have air-bags.

People, please let me remind everyone, "Road Rage" is NOT a video game. Don't be foolish out there, BE SAFE.

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Its good that nothing happened to you. The other two jerks needed something to happen to them without involving innocents.
When i feel the need for road rage I think of possible consequences, like your scenerio, and basically curse the guy's future life :: and move on. ::

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I hope someone thought to get the license plate numbers of the SUV and his playmate. Those two guys should both have their licenses suspended. :: I was going to a car show about three weeks ago with seven other vintage Mustangs and we were in the third lane on a four lane section of freeway. Some clown cut from the second lane right between me and the car in front of me, almost hitting my left front fender. He shot up the fourth lane and then did the reverse maneauver between two other vintage Mustangs. We were clocking along around 70 mph (any slower is worth your life on Nor Cal freeways) and this moron shot through us like we were standing still. He must have been doing 85-90 mph. Damn, I was mad. These old cars deserve some respect on the road. I didn't think to get a license number either. ::
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