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Road Side Assistance - Towing

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I just got back from lunch and read docstang65's post, sorry to hear that. Strange thing is I was filling up my 4Runner next to a service shop and started thinking about the numerous cruises I plan on attending this year and the possibilities of breakdown.

I used to have road side assistance on my old cell phone, boy did I get my moneys worth out of that, and decided to look into it again.

Does anyone have a road side assistance/towing plan? What has been your experience? Would you recommend it

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I have AAA, had to use it a couple times w/ good luck. They hauled my Mach once when it conked out on me in the middle of an intersection, I was supposed to pay $1 for every mile over 5 or something like that, but the tow truck driver just told me to drop by in the daytime and let him see my car and he'd let the fee slide /forums/images/icons/wink.gif...


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I have AAA but only have the once a year towing plan which also limits the amount of miles the car is towed. Fortunately I haven't had to use their towing services a lot but I grab their maps like no tomorrow!

(too cheap to buy a Thomas guide every other year and besides, it doesn't fit in the glove box or between the front seat and the hump).


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