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hey, thanks to those who offered cooling advice...I will be installing 4 row radiator and 160 degree thermostat and off I go. Installed pertronix elect. ign and coil, new wheel bearings, flushed tranny and put in new p/s control valve and cylinder etc. Car is running great, but still some looseness in steering, particularly between 50 and 65 mph. Steering box??? Kinda sucks because I expect to spend most of my time between 50 and 65 mph, and have little time left to replace steering box. My big question today...anyone here taken trip on route 66. I was gonna take I-40 most of the way (Maine to California), just using 66 from Oklahoma to California, as much as is practical anyway. Then saw route 66 documentary the other day, and started pondering whether I should drive the whole thing. Did a little research and it looks like it would make the drive considerably longer. I had done my planning based on 600 miles a day for long days, at avg 50 mph for 12 hours. Anyone have opinions about why I should or should not use 66 extensively?
Tips and hints appreciated.

Thanks ,

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I've not done the whole trip, but I've done several of its segments.

The best road trips I've done have been on secondary roads. US 40 and US 50 are both a blast. I'd certainly consider trying the original 66 (to the extent that it is possible today).

Do a search on steering box adjustment over on the old forum. I'm sure you'll find some 'how to' info. Also, have the alignment checked. Too little caster (particularly in a P/S car) can really contribute to that 'loose' feeling.

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