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Rocker Arm Specialties - A++

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I just wanted to put in a good word for Blaine and Gary at Rocker Arm Specialties who have treated me very well in the past few months. They first supplied me with a very quality replacement adjustable rocker arms shaft assembly for my 200 when mine went south. VERY nice machine work.

Today I just recieved my order of 250 pushrods - these were a custom job since no 250 ever came with adjustable rocker arms. Gary took 12 pushrods from a 390 and cut them down to spec for me. All that work at only 3 bucks a pop. What a deal! They look great too.

Two weeks ago I put in a special order for my friend in Argentina who helped me get my cylinder head. He's building a full needle bearing roller rocker shaft for him with a 1.6:1 ratio. The price was very reasonable too! I can't wait to see it. Once I get back on top of finanaces Gary is going to build a needle tiped roller shaft for my 250 with the 1.6 ratio. If you guys need any odd valvetrain stuff at a fair price give them a call: (530) 378-1075 They back their work with a great warranty as well.


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