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Rocker panel clips... man I feel stupid

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Ok, I'll admit... i can't figure out how those little pins are supposed to hold the plastic clips onto the body of the car. The plastic clips then hold the rocker panels.
The fat end of the pins slide in and out of the holes in the car body like butter (ie: don't hold); and that thin 2 inch needle sticking out on the other end seems to have nothing to do with anything. Know what I'm talking about? Are you supposed to bend the needle end onto the outside of the clip? Can anyone help a newbie?

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ROFLMAO!!! That is hilarious! As the others have said they are pop rivets. Basically the riveting tool that you get is has a tip with a hole in it. You insert the piece that sticks out in that hole and then pump the handle until you hear a "pop" and the pin breaks off. Then the rivet it set in place. How it works is that the end of that rod has a teardrop shaped ball. When you pull on it from the back it pushes the metal on the inside and folds it out to secure in this case the clip to the rocker panel.
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