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Rodeo Fire Is Growing Fast

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Arizona is in big-time trouble with the fire situation near Show Low. The Rodeo Fire is at 150,000 acres in size and the Chedeski Fire is at about 30,000 acres. They're now within 6 miles of each other and if they join up (which is expected) the fire is estimated to burn 300,000 acres! Both fires are zero percent contained. Not looking good for east-central Arizona.
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Oh heck, the news just came on that they're evacuating Show Low--that's 10,000 people. They're also going to evacuate Pinetop and Lakeside over the next 24 hours.
God Laurie, we've been hearing about that on the news. This is the worse fires in history between AZ and CO. They say that Show Low is evacuating only as a precaution but it sounds real bad. Let's just pray for rain............
This is a really bad season. I hope that things don't get any worse. I used to think Arizona or New Mexico would be a neat place to retire to, but now I'm thinking North or South Carolina. I'll take hurricanes over fires any day.
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