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These perches were built from new aftermarket perches that have been media blasted and then modified. Upon completion of modification, they were primed and painted with a super duty chip and rust resistant paint. Each perch has two high quality bearings in it that are held in a sealed journal that has no openings or opportunities for contaminants to enter. This product was designed for circle track cars. Roller spring perches improve suspension response which, in turn, improves handling. They also reduce binding of the shocks and springs which prolongs shock life. Ford's original spring perch design, in the early 60's, utilized free rotating brass bushings. Ford changed to rubber to cut costs and reduce regular greasing and maintenance. Unfortunately, rubber does not easily rotate like the brass bushings did. By using sealed pre-lubricated roller bearings these perches do not require greasing, like their brass counterparts, but allow the perch free rotation like the original brass design.

• High quality bearings
• New mounting studs
• New locking nuts
• Quality fabrication
• Improved handling
• Race proven

Click here for pictures:

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