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Spent the weekend with brother Don. Don is bro #3 and he messed up the "All Ford Brotherhood".
#1, me, Lotsa Mustangs
#2, Alan, 64 Falcon sleeper
#3 Don, 85 Trans-Am, ($4000 car lot find)
#4, Martin 63 Falcon, roots blower

So, Don wants to go to the all Poncho show. It couldn't hurt so I went. There was close to 200 cars there! I saw lots of OK cars, A few really nice cars, but the one that stood out..
A '69 Firebird vert with the 4.1 L inline 6 with Powerdyne supercharger!
Some of you may know that after TT331FB is done, there is a turbo inline six project ready to start. I have the intercooler, the blowoff valves, and pictures in my brain!
Oh, I forgot, wifey wants the '68 GT/CS. It's gonna get a EFI/AOD for her to drive. I gotta finish that first, sigh /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
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