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Hiyas m8s. Shanman set me up to get back on. Server wacked me good and I thought I was gonna be toast if I didn't post something soon.

Necrane was right on in vacuum problem diagnosis. Turns out it was the booster venturi. Renee's car is running great.

TT331FB parts procurement on hold until some cash flows in. I still need the pistons, JME dash, procar seats.

RT's alumninum fuel tank is still in R&D. RCI had problems making it so I changed the design. Current design is for a 24 gal capacity set up for fuel injected cars. Should retail for less than $400 including foam fill, flush type fule filler, sending unit, 8AN supply, 6 AN return, 8AN vent and with a sump. This tank will be a drop in for early cars.

I'm in the process of doing a qrtr skin on the TT331FB. Any one who wants to come by this weekend and learn how it's done, give me a shout.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts