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running belt on AC compression

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I’m running a serpentine belt set-up so I have to have an accessory on the driver’s side. Since I do not have PS I was planning to run the belt on AC compression before I got the rest of the AC system hooked upped. Will I damage my AC compression?

Thanks in advance
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Should'nt hurt anything as long as a/c clutch is not engaged, you'll just be spinning the pully.
It'll just run normally like it would without the AC turned on. Be sure to block the lines or hook the hoses up on the compressor so it doesn't get a bunch of dust in it.
If you're using a later model 5.0 setup, Summit and others sell an "AC eliminator". Basically a blank pulley so you can run without an AC compressor you don't actually need.
Thanks, that is what I was thinking also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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