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Very busy with Shag......

While I am replacing the radiator support and front cross member of Shag, I chose to address the rusty scaled walls inside the front frame rails. But pouring, spraying Zero Rust in these tight areas was going to be a challenge. With the recommendation of a fellow VMFer, who's name I do not remember, I obtained KBS's Underseal Spray gun & probe #150010.

The probe is 3+ feet long so it can travel quite a ways inside the frame rails.

The only problem I had was I did not read the fine print in the instructions which says "do not use the probe with thick paint" for I tried using a slightly dilluted ZR and could tell as the paint traveled through the clear probe that it was working too hard to push the paint and it came out splattering.

Contacted Bruce Palmer (ZR's sales rep) and he agreed to dilute the paint even further. My next attempt I cut it to 1:1 and the spray pattern was wonderful. Since the probe is very flexible, I simple got an old wire coat hanger, straighten it out and taped the probe to it. This allowed me keep the probe rigid allowing better control. Yesterday I did two thin coats down each front frame rail and it turned out great. While I had more paint in the gun I quickly removed the coat hangar and with the flexible probe in hand coated the inside of both torque boxes. Started on the cowl vent but ran out of paint so I'll go back to finish it as well as start to address the rear frame rails.

Oh yes, be sure to clean out all rails, torque boxes, cowl vents, etc before you spray paint. I did it by attaching a modified flex tubing on the end of the compressor air gun. Similar to the probe idea. It also helps if you remove all rubber plugs along the rails, etc. Ran the tube into each possible opening I could find and blew out all loose particles, dirt, etc.

Hope this will help others.
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