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rust in the trunk

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Hi there, I've got a couple of questions about the trunk for you guys. My first question is I have rust along the right side of my gas tank. The rust is not directly on the tank. The rust is about 8-10 inches long the width is about 2-4 inches. Now the rust totally ate through the piece of metal. It's pretty weird because you can stick your hand through it. My second question is I know there are two-pieces of metal that can fix that kind of thing by the gas tank, but do you have to cut the exact measurement of the replace piece from the trunk? My third question is how do you prep the trunk for repainting it. The last question I have for you guys is does the divider board between the seat and the trunk need to be screwed in or welded in? If someone can help me with these questions would be appreciated!
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The piece is a trunk floor. These are widely available from any of the Mustang vendors. It's common. The complete piece should be welded in(IMHO). To prep a trunk, Do as you would any other body part:clean,sand,prime,sand,paint and seal any seams. The trunk divider board can be screwed in and joints sealed with a quality sealer, but for best protection, it should be welded.
Now for the rest-You MUST find out what caused the rust in the first place and fix that. Also if this is rusted, I would also suspect rust elsewhere, so do a careful inspection, as it's much easier to fix it the first time while it's apart than to go back later(trust me I know).
To seal the underside so this won't happen again, I would suggest using a product like "Corroless" from Eastwood or "POR15" from Resto Motive(I think that's who sells it).
Good luck with it, and remember SAFETY FIRST!

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You can buy the whole piece from Mustangs Unlimited for About 25 bucks. I have the same problem, but on the strip right along the back side of the tank, just in back of the tail lights. Also, same problem on both inner quarters. I am going to pick up the parts at Mustangs Unlimited next week for less than $300 (including a new reproduction gas tank).

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