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rusted access hole rusted in trunk

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I'm about 40% through a body restore on my 66 mustang. Rust has been a constant sight, but none of it has affected the stability of sheetmetal until today. There are two rubber capped holes on either side of the gas tank just above the left and right longitudinal frames. Both are rusted. The left one has suffered metal fatigue. What are these holes for? I thought they might be drains, but they are higher than the lowest part of the trunk (gas tank). Can I just cut the affected sheet metal out, and find a bigger rubber plug?
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The shock access holes are closer to the rear seats and much larger.
Are you talking about the small 1-2" rubber plugs?
If so I have no idea what they are for and if they serve any purpose at all. They don't access anything important such as wires, bolts, etc. I would guess drain holes but there are some of those in the lower drop offs in the trunk so once again Ford puts something there that has very little use IMO.
I'm sure one of the guys and ladies on here will have the correct reason.

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You could either do as yo usay and make them larger or weld them up completely. I suspect that they are some kind of tooling holes to hole the uni-body while welding.

However....If they have rusted out, you might want to dig a little deeper for rust. The rear frame rails are underneath and you might want to investigate. Of course, you might want to ignore it as well.
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