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S C9TA K Radiator Fan ID

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Hi All,
Can anyone help me ID this radiator fan?
S C9TA K is # (has Ford stamp). Seven bladed, approw. 19" diameter. Won't fit my mach 1 s code shroud (original reason for purchase.
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Normally the C9TA would designate a 69 truck. Unfortunately I don't have any truck info that would state what motor (the k desgination). I believe the one you're looking for should be C8AE-8600-B standard cooling, with or without A/C or C8OF-8600-D with dealer installed A/C or extra cooling. Hope this helps.
I can send you a photo of the C8AE-B fan if that would help at all.
I bought a bunch of parts off a lady a few years ago and saw this fan sitting under a shelf and asked if she would throw this in with the deal. She said sure and it came with the fan clutch.
Keep looking around you'll find one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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