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Salad bowl makes car go faster!

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You may have to ask your swmbo if this is a salad bowl or a mixing bowl. I'm just not for sure. I cut the bottom out to fit the throat of my carb. I made a hold down by just bending a loop in a small steel rod. The ends where the rod sits on the bowl were notched. All thread is in the carb and a tie down nut holds it on. That ring around the hole in my hood is just windlass. I left a 1/2 inch gap between the top of my bowl and the hood. I could seal it with foam which I may try later on. Without the salad bowl it ran a 12.65 and a 12.64. With the salad bowl it ran a 12.62 and a 12.61 with a 1/2 mph more on the top end.

thru the scoop

down the hole

and in the bowl

Your results may vary, some assembly required and batteries not included.
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They say insane people have tremendous imagination.... seen a doc lately /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
I love inventive things like that..reminds me when I made a cool can from a 2 pound coffee can and some coiled copper tubing..the damn thing improved my ET
Cool.You are a real gearhead....
That's bada$s!
You may not realize it, but you just built the world's largest SALAD SHOOTER!!!

Ron Popeil has nothin on the VMF!!!
Great idea, are you planning on milling the choke horn off?
good deal I might give it a try
just watch out for the guy with the weber 6 pack and a muffin pan.
I can't explain the theory, but that's why trumpets have bell shaped ends, racing webers and fuel inj. have air horns. I guess it amplifies the pressure wave. I tried it on an engine while on the dyno. Without the horns it developed a cloud of fuel mixture in front of the carb. With the horn the cloud disappeared and power went up. Like tuning headers I guess.
I would like to take off the choke horn but I've been afraid to let my cutter or grinder get happy down in there for fear of ruining the main body.

If you know of a "how to " do this at home I would appreciate the chance to study that.
Is that a Holley carb?
With that set up I think a K&N substack would yield noticeable inprovement.
Best way is with a mill and then blending the edges with a die grinder and polishing roll...

I'm a firm believer that every racer should at least have a small bench mill to do this kind of stuff on...much better investment than a drill press..

If you shop around, you can often pick one up used...I purchased a full sized Bridgeport J-head, with DRO and some tooling, for 2K at an auction. Those deals are still around, especially in this shaky economy with companies downsizing...

If one is careful, a coping saw, drill and die grinder can be used as well...drill holes at the corners (vent tubes, center pedestal, etc and connect the dots with the coping saw (tedious because of the lack of stroke room, but possible); finish blend with die grinder.....clean carb thoroughly and reassemble...

Nice velocity stack, er, salad bowl..*G*

The base of the K&N air filter on the race car has a similar shape, though not as pronounced and has a molded entry radius into the venturi area. The choke horn is milled (among other modifications)...I prefer using an air filter because our tracks are awful dusty, especially in the pits.
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I just happened to notice that Summit offers a "Proform" Holley main body that has all the choke stuff cleaned up. You'd swap your bowls and parts onto it. Rated at 750 cfm, for a double pumper or vacuum secondary. Either one for $99.
No grinding and no big bucks for a whole new carb. might be right up your alley. Page 8 of the May/June '02 catalog.
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