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I recently snagged a low mileage '85 T-Bird that the owner had just rebuilt the AOD trans in. The car pretty much rusted away such that it wasn't drivable anymore, but what I wanted was the trans. It's going into a '66 F100 CV swap project I'm doing, so fit the bill perfectly. After pulling the engine and trans, I figured I might as well just use both of them as they're all there and matched, right? So I stripped everything down, took a good look, and everything appeared to be in decent usable shape. So, I scrubbed, degreased, scraped, brushed, degreased, primed, and painted the thing up all nice and pretty. Before buttoning up the pan, I decided to replace the oil pump just for good measure. As I pulled off the pick-up, I heard a rattle noise.... Nothing would come out until I gently pushed in on the screen and voila- out fell small flat thin pieces of engine death! There went all the plans of pretty and gitty!! Pulled rod caps and here's what I found. Thoughts of just replacing bearings went out the door when I found grooves on the crank under the #2 main cap. Oh well- fortunately I'm only out 1/2 a case of brake clean and a can of paint! Back to the barn for another engine candidate... lol


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