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Went with a mate to get a couple of parts for his 66 coupe today. The place was mustang resto shop that imports cars into Australia and fixes them up (panel, paint, interior, RHD conversion). Whilst there, we were talking to the guy and he showed us around his workshop. Had a nice range of 65 and 66's - FB and coupes that he has for sale and is working on. Was showing us a 66 FB which the owner keeps there and races on a regular basis. The guy said, yeah, and he bought this from me 4 years ago and keeps it here too. Turned around and was almost knowcked over by a good condition GT 500. Even standing still this thing was doing 100miles an hour. Was the first Shelby I'd seen up close and all I could do was stare. Seems the owner bought it for AUD$40K four years ago, lives in the bush and so leaves it in the shop while he's away. The shop guy reckons it's worth around A$90K as it is.

and YAY - I made beginner - now if only I had a car to begin on /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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