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alright, heres the story, yeah im just a kid in college but i gotta do a speech for speech class. well this dude stole my "history of the mustang speech" so im gonna inform the class about shelbys. so i need some info on shelbys that isnt too technical because id loose them in a hurry. about how they are different from regular mustangs and stuff. im having a brain fart and need some help. where oh where can i get some good info on shelbys. dont get me wrong, ive studied plenty about them but im not sure on a bunch of stuff. like is 67 when they put rollbars in? which ones had fuctional brake scoops? that kinda stuff. and how shelby ended up redesigning mustangs in the first place. if anybody knows of a web site it would be cool because once again i have procrastinated until the last minute. thanx.

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Do a Yahoo search for Ford Shelby History.
You'll come up with a bunch of Web page hits that will have Shelby history info.
One of the things I found, was that the "350" had no particular meaning (that anyone seems to know). I used to think that it represented the bore-over size or horsepower that they were producing - neither of which is correct by the way.
Shelby needed a catchy name and that one stuck.

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