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I went for a drive down the freeway to Knott's today at lunch looking for a Sat nite 4/21 place for all of us VMF'ers to meet. Some of the criteria were:
1.Close proximity to Knott's Berry Farm
2.Ample parking, fairly secure or within view of restaurant
3. Moderately priced food and availability of beer/wine/hooch
4. Facilities that will accommodate a bunch of us in one room or close proximity.
I did several loops around Knott's on all the main streets and had a hard time finding appropriate spots for us. Suffice it to say, the city fathers of Buena Park didn't do much planning, there are not that many newer restaurants with the criteria we need. Unfortunately, this event is not being help someplace like the Irvine Spectrum or The Block of Orange where there are acres of parking and shiny new eateries. Allow me to continue.
Site #1 Carl's Jr. on La Palma Ave. 1/2 mile from Knott's
CONS: Its a fast food burger joint, no alcohol, no ambiance, limited seating.
PROS: Absolutely HUGE empty parking lot out back. We could put 100 cars there easy. Plenty of visibility.
UPSHOT: I dont think this is really what we had in mind, but hey, its a scouting report.
Site #2 Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant on La Palma 1 mile from Knott's.
CONS: You cant look out the windows and watch the cars.
PROS: Adequate parking, full bar(nice), usual menu for a Mexican restr. Banquet room available- it seats 60 people or 100 people in the bar (or so the manager tells me). I talked to the mgr. about reserving a room and bringing a group of adult classic car collector types in on April 21 Sat. evening. He seemed interested and said he could offer a limited banquet menu at $12-$13 a head (that's PLUS-PLUS) if we choose to go for something like that. As far as drinks, its a cash bar and you would be on your own. With no idea of how many would be coming, I would think a room that seats 50 would be the minimum practical. At such a location, we could place car lot monitors out with the cars on rotating 30 minute shifts.
UPSHOT: This place meets most of the requirements, is very close to Knott's, has banquet facilities and is one of very few local choices that even comes close. Easy cab ride or bumalong back to most of the hotels.
Site #3 Keno's on La Palma 1/2 mile from Knott's
CONS: This place is like a big coffee shop on steroids, full bar but no ambiance at all.
PROS: Banquet rooms available, full bar, adequate but exposed parking.
UPSHOT: A possible fallback site, but I won't sell you on it.

IN CONCLUSION for today's scouting report, you may venture down the 91 Fwy corridor as far as you wish, and Im certain your would find better locales, I kept my radius at about one mile from Knott's.

What say you, men of VMF???

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Sorry I wont be able to make it. Maybe next year. Just a little concerned about the availability of "hooch" Over here that is another name for marijuana/cannabis. Mmmm have I been posting on the Vintage Marijuana Forum for the last 6 months or is hooch a name for something else. Catch ya later groovy dudes.

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Thanks, Bob. I'd been looking for you over on the old forum to ask if you'd had time to check any potential sites out - didn't get a response and was concerned that you might have been having difficulty with the new site. Glad to see you made it over here.

Don Jose's sounds pretty good except for the car security issue. BlueOval4me has been advocating a place in Orange called 'Knollwood' (I think). It seems to have all the bases covered - except that it is in Orange. I've not been to that neighborhood since the early 80s - so I haven't a clue about the logistical practicality of going to Orange for dinner.

Are you familiar with that place? If so, how does it stack up to Don Jose's? I personally am not concerned about auto security (rental car), but I would be if I were driving one of my old cars. S0- Don Jose's would be just fine for me. Can't really speak for you guys, though.

I really appreciate your (and everyone else's who've made suggestions) efforts in lining up a site for this dinner. It's pretty cheezy of me to propose this thing and then make you SoCal guys do the legwork - So I'm very grateful.

Would it be too ambitious to try and nail this thing down by the 15th of the March? I'm also worried that some folks are still hanging out at the old site and may not have an opportunity to provide input here.

Let me know your views on DJ's vs. Knollwood. Thanks again for your help!

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From my wife who lived in Anaheim for 20 years...


Don Jose....upscale regional Mexican chain....fair food and ambiance for a large group... her pick for dinner...

Someone mentioned Knollwood's in Orange .....I believe it was Glenn...Worlds best hamburgers, even better than In and Out....great place for a casual cruise munch or Sunday afternoon eats but not really a sit-down atmosphere....Renee doesn't remember if they have a hard liquor bar but it's been a few years...If anybody wanted to have lunch after the show, this would be the place to go....
About 20-30 minute drive from Knott's.....

She liked the idea of Don Joses because of the logistics of getting everyone, especially the out of towners, to a restaurant 30 minutes or more from the park and hotels....It's got decent food and ambiance, reasonable prices for the area and can handle a group our size...
It's a place everyone could likely find easily and without a map....

That's our .02...

Thanks for the recon...!


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Hooch...among some very old VMF'ers and Old West buffs is still remembered as high octane-low cost hard liquor. It was the far norwest equivalent of Moonshine (Deep South) or Old Taos Lightnin' (Southwest) or Popskull(Boston area). Guess the term has evolved since the Vietnam era, but hell, so has the word "beanie".

"When you hear pounding hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." - Dr. Harold Slavkin, Dean USCSD
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