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Sealing Aluminum Valve Covers and Intake?

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I just received Cobra natural finish valve covers and a Cobra intake today from UPS. Would you recommend spraying on a clear sealer to keep the aluminum from getting stained? What would you use?

The intake came with a gray looking paint already sprayed on it. I was expecting it to be natural looking as well. Is this the way the originals came? It's also missing the baffle on the bottom. Is it a good idea to run it without a baffle?
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I'll be interested to hear the answers you get...

I left my original Cobra unit natural (as it was old already and had a few stains) and what has appeared over the years seems to come off easily with carb cleaner and a paper towel.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried clear powder-coating or anodizing on intakes....I had hood success with clear anodizing on the strut bodies on the race car; even with all the heat generated by the brakes, the bodies still look as good as new 22 years does everything else that was anodized..

Are you talking about the baffle that keeps engine oil off the heat crossover passage? If so, and if the crossover is functional (in heads and manifold), ulitimately you will get some coking in that area, depending on exhaust gas temps (which can vary with performance level and tuning) My manifold still had the old baffle on it so, after removing it to verify the manifolds pedigree, I re-installed it...

I'd suggest posing your query with the maker/seller of the manifold as well...

Good luck!
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Some of the clear high temp stuff out there yellows after a while. The stuff I used did. So, I had my F4B bead blasted and left it with the natural finish and no coating. As Pat said, cleanup is easy if you keep on top of it. I use acetone and a clean rag.

My intake also has no baffle. But I closed off the exhaust crossover when I installed it. No ill effects that I'm aware of. For someone who drives year round, it may be an issue in cold weather.
Here is a picture of my engine. It has "Cobra" Aluminum valve covers that are powder coated clear. I'll try to get a better picture of the valve covers this weekend.

They look fine, but I think I think the powder coat was overkill & wish I had spent that money elsewhere.

**The intake was also clear powder coated. The unassembled pic is before coating, the assembled pic is after coating.
I ordered the parts from Branda. The coating on the intake is what got me to thinking. I don't remember seeing it on the GT350s I've seen at the shows. I think I'll just keep them cleaned up and spend the money else where as was suggested.
I'm guessing those are the new "high" valve covers, since they must be clearing those roller rockers. Which roller rockers are they?

Nice looking engine.
IMO leave them natural and just be good about keeping them clean.....Most coatings are going to discolor over time. Dickson
The original GT350 Cobra manifolds were natural aluminum finish. I don't know why Branda, of all shops, would be covering them with a gray coating. You should write him and ask what that's about. You shouldn't have to pay for bead-blasting after paying his price on the manifold. Maybe that coating comes off easily.
I'll check to see if it comes off. It's still sealed in the plastic bag it came in.
It doesn't come off with paint thinner. I don't have anything stronger around right now. I'll mail and see what he says.
They are the tall valve covers from Branda.
The roller rockers are Ford Motorsport 1.6 ratio. I bought them back in 97.
Finally got a chance to call. Said they've been getting that question for years. The manifold is coated to make it easier to keep clean. Wonder what their return policy is...
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