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Seam Sealer

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We'll Ijust made more work for myself. The underside, inteior metal and engine compartment of the car is painted with POR-15 . The engine compartment also has "Black Chassis Black".
Just brushed on the 3M seam sealer. It's rather messy stuff. and its a nice GRAY color. Now I'll have to paint the engine compartment again.
I plan on using Krylon spray paint this time. Any recomendations???????????.It should cover the seam sealer and current paint without any problems or am I not thinking of something???
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To overcoat the POR-15, their recommendation is that you put at least one coat of the topcoat over the POR before it fully cures. This stuff is hard as a rock and even sanding is a herculean task. You will also have a hard time matching the paint finish.

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My local Mustang guy, Mike, at The Mustang Place in San Luis Obispo, swears by Jasco rust remover. $4.99 in a one quart bottle at Ace Hardware. It's green (the liquid, not the bottle, the bottle is plastic bottle color - milky? - with a white label).

He claims he sprayed it on a test piece of bare metal and left it outside next to his shop for two years and it would not rust. He uses it for paint prep and paints over it.

I do not have proof of any of that, but I bought some and this weekend I dipped my carburetor in McKay's and ChemTool and still could not get all the stains out of the pot metal. Then I dipped it in that stuff for about 15 minutes, it foamed all up and cleaned that carb so it looked like NEW! Then I dumped it back in the bottle to re-use later on my seat track springs and THEY look like new. This stuff didn't just convert the rust on the springs, it REMOVED it and left a new looking spring.

Now, I been DIPPING stuff instead of SPRAYING it on, and that seems to be the key. I will do more stuff this weekend to further test this theory. I sprayed and brushed my air cleaner bottom and not as good results (converted and removed SOME, but not all).

I don't know about two years, but I will do some weldable steel and leave it out for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

It is much cheaper than POR, which I have used and I do like. I just like the price of this better...

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Plasticote satin black is a nice finish and it sprays on a lot nicer than Krylon. I believe it's pretty close to the same finish too. I would try whatever paint you use on a test area first. I sprayed Kryon over a rust paint and it didn't stick. I had to sand it all off and start over. I then used Zero Rust and a top coat of satin black and it turned out real nice. Just more ideas for you.


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Hi, I am interested in the Jasco rust remover but my Ace Hardware doesn't carry it. I looked Jasco up on the web and they don't show a rust remover all I saw that was close was metal conditioner, is this what you are talking about? They may be able to order it if I know for sure what it's called as they do carry some Jasco products. Also there is a product called Ospro or something like that that I use on pipe fences that is suppose to do the same thing, that isn't what your talking about is it? Thanks for the info........

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