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Under some circumstances, results from a search are garbled when displayed.

If you search for the words "picture hosting" you will get half a dozen or so messages from Camachinist. If you read the one titled "Picture Hosting and search engine info" it will include a link to one of the other messages. The link itself is garbled, and when you click on it, it takes you to the other message, which is also garbled.

But the message is NOT garbled if you go to it directly in the search results list ("I've solved the problem, partially...Read!").


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I just did the same thing and got a URL in my post where there should have been a hyperlinked "here"....hmmm..

I did click on the link and it worked but I didn't intend for the whole link to show in the post...

When I originally posted, the hyperlink showed up correctly....

If you spot any more, post them under "search engine problems"...

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