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Searspoints New Name

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Just so us VMFers stay ahead of things Searpoint has secured corporate sponorship from Infineon ( German Chip maker) and there going to surprise the world with annocment later today or tommorow, the big surprise is workers changing name for the races this weekend.

In case anyone cares 10 years for 30 million

Just keeping the VMFers informed before rest of world
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Mark: You live near there, so I assume you've seen the new signs?

And, more importantly, will they be getting rid of the cow with the headers? (Please, don't! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif)
Bill Haven't seen new signs yet, and if they try and get rid of the cow, we will close them down. You may not belive the cow deal a merchant pays 3k to have one of those cows in front of your buisness for two years and profits go to chamber of commerce.
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