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Okay my Seat Belt warning light didn't work so I checked the bulb and it was fine. So I buy a new relay from That doesn't seem to be the problem. The wiring seems fine. I don't have my electrical diagram with me cause I forgot it at home. Can you guys tell me how this thing is supposed to be hooked up and how I can test what's wrong. BTW, should I hear a rattle in the small Relay Box? Is this box supposed to screw in under the dash? Thanks one and all!

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Got a new title I see /forums/images/icons/smile.gif. (Not sure if I want to know the story behind this one!). Anyway, no, you shouldn't hear a rattle in the relay. If you do, it's probably toast just like mine. I'm not sure about your '69, but on my '66 the relay is mounted to the brake pedal support, on the side closest to the shifter. Hope some of this helps...


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