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Seat Belts Again

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I just ordered rear seat belts for my coupe and I need to find out where the mounting points are. I had the rear seat out looking for holes or dimples to indicate where the factory would have punched holes if they planned on installing them. I always believed that rear belts were standard in 66.

If anyone has pictures, or would be willing to pull the bottom seat out and shoot a pic or two I would be forever in your debt.
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For the lap belts they should have been standard in 66 but optional in 65. The threaded holes should be in your floor boards. Are you putting in shoulder belts?
I have a late 65 model which did not have seat belts when I got the car. But the holes where there. i do not have a picture but they should be just below and left and right of the shock access holes.
I am planning on shoulder belts in the future. Are the holes actually threaded? They should be easy to spot, but I don't even see a dimple in the sheet metal under the rear seat. I will take a look again when I get home this PM.
If your car is a '66, the holes are there, and they are threaded, since rear belts were standard in '66.

The easiest way to find them is to look from underneath the car. The welded in anchors are easy to spot. From inside the car they may be covered over with sound deadner or other junk.

When I bought my '66, mine were completely obscured from sound deadner obviously put in by a PO. I couldn't see them at all from in the car, but they were easily spotted from underneath.
I have them in my '65; they were dealer installed. I can take a picture if you wish but I can't guarantee the position is looks reasonable but I have no idea what the original written dealer instructions were or whether he followed them to the letter.
Are the mount points on the horizontal part of the floor or the vertical panel behind the seat? If it is behind the seat I may have been looking in the wrong place. I assumed they bolted to the floor.
They are on the vertical panel just on each side of the tranny hump, and then JUST inside the "bolt in" side panels.
go to

The 6th picture down is my '66 with the back seat out and the seat belts still in. Not sure it will help with precise positions, but it will give you an idea.

My holes were threaded, but the new seatbelts I bought had all the hardware to mount through the floor and secure with a huge washer and nut underneath.
Hmmm ... great pics. I wonder, though, if the "outside" belt location is different on a coupe vs. convertible. Mine are not on the sides of the car, as yours are, but on the same panel as the ones closest to the tranny hump.
Good point. I would bet they are different on a covertible vs. a coupe.
Thanks to all. I will check in both spots. I was kind of dreading drilling holes in my car, now it looks like I may not have to.

You guys are the greatest!
If you don't find them maybe the PO or a PO welded in new floor pans without the seatbelt anchors installed.
We had to drill the holes for our 65 fstback. It was not hard, just make sure your not drilling into the gas line or a brake line or anything else.
I had a 65 GT conv that had 4 FACTORY installed belts. They were the deluxe, split buckle and the rears were the eye-bolt style, like the 64 1/2. The fronts were the std 13/16 bolts. I have found the eye bolt, split-buckle style in the larger Fords for 64 + 65. I even found a deluxe push-button type in 2 66 Linc's. Seems like Mustangs were a year behind everyone else!
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