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Does any company sell seat covers for 1990 Mustang bucket seats? I've gotten prices of around $550 for custom jobs, but not wanting to spend that much yet. They happen to be the seats with seperate head rest and lumbar controls on the sides. I'm installing them in a '67 coupe, and just wanting simple black vinyl.


67 red Coupe, in process of resto-mod (only been 2 years so far)

IMHO, I would not invest in original upholstery (well, you did say "seat covers," not upholstery, but the same would hold true for seat covers, with me) on different year swapped seats. I would just go down to the local auto upholsterer and have him do it. It's not original, anyway. Maybe I would even break out my Brother sewing machine and give it a whirl just for experience sake....

I know you didn't ask for opinions, you asked for sources, but that guy with the '96/'69 Mustang was getting all the posts and yours was just sitting here with no answers.

Good luck...

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