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I sold a set of seat tracks today, and when I was trying to pick out the best set for the guy, I noticed a minor difference on some of the tracks. The bolts that stick down through the floorpan to secure the seat to the floor, where the bolt is welded to the seat track, I noticed some tracks having an extra metal plate at the base welded to the track that the bolt goes through.

The funny thing was, I found sets that were mismatched, some having this extra plate and some not from the same car. So what's the deal?

Anyone know why there would be a difference? Did Ford find a flaw or weakness with the tracks early on, and start welding in a plate for extra strength? Most of my tracks came from 65/66 Mustangs and 69 Cougars, and a couple other Fords. The plates are identical, so I know it would be unlikely the PO or shop did this since my cars all didn't come from the same owners.

Just curious

Perhaps Ford used multiple vendors and the method of manufcture was optional. We see this in the aerospace industry all the time.
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