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I am working on istalling new seatlbelts into my 65 coupe.
The drivers side and inside passenger belt are in place.
The outside belt on the passenger side is not bolted on.
The bolt is missing.

These bolts, do they have nuts and washers underneath the floor? If so, how do you access them. I want to install the missing half of the passenger belt. I have no bolt. I want to remove the drivers side bolt and see what the size is. But is there a nut and washer underneath? If so, how can I get at it. I cannot find a bottom access to those holes?

I know this sounds stupid. But I don't want to remove the belts unless I can re-install them?


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My 66 has no nuts or washers. Bolts screw into threaded plates on the floor or side rails.

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Your bolts should come right out, and go right back in too. There is acctually a threaded re-enforcment plate welded to your floor pans. When you get replacement bolts be sure to get at least #5 hardened steel bolts for the safty of you and your passengers.

Also if your stang is a daily driver you might want to consider putting in 3 points, it is an easy and fun project that costs around $120 and makes your ride so much safer! I did it to mine and it is one of the best projects I have comepleted.


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John, I was also thinking about the 3-point seat belt upgrade.

Could you tell me where you purchased your belts and what you liked and disliked about the setup.

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