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Seatbelt removal......

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Well I just got the time to check out my pans and replace my carpet... Pans look GREAT! Whew! However I need some advice about the FRONT seat belts. They are bolted to the rockers... The inner ones have a nut that I can reach from underneth but the ones bolted to the rocker - do they have a NUT? If they do I can't access it to bolt the belts back on. HELP! thanks guys

66 vert, bench seat.. sweeet
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All seatbelt nuts are welded to the car. None should turn, so there's no need to get inside the rocker panels or underneath the car.
A quick question. Should the welded nut trash the bolt?

When I took off the seatbelts the threads on the bolt were completely hosed. Just as you would do when you put a bolt in a wrong type of nut. They were stripped (Almost flat or gone).

Is that natural and is that how they should be mounted?
The bolt still went in again and got pretty tight. Did I destry the nut?
Should I replace the bolts and put in the different bolt?

Thanks in advance
The bolt size is very unusual, and I suspect it is not an original bolt.

They sell reproduction bolts and I suggest you get a pair. These are safety items, and I sure wouldn't want a stripped bolt trying to save my life!

As to whether the nut is still good, that's a very good question. Without taking apart the rocker (hard to do), it would be difficult to determine the condition of the nut. I've no idea about the relative hardness of the bolt vis a vis the nut.
Thank you Midlife for your input. So far you have answered every question that I had asked. I appreciate your respond and others like you who share their knowledge with newbies like myself.

I called Cal-Mustang to order a new set of seatbelt hardware, but they had already shipped my other order.

I will try to stop by Mustang ranch to see if they have them in stock.

Is there any other online store that most people here use? I have heard the name NDA mentioned few times but I don't know who they are and if they have a web site.

Once again, thanks for you help.
I think you're thinking of NPD: National Parts Depot. Try or -1800-654-0468

They have early seat belt bolts, front for $3.59, and normal seat belt bolts anchors, $4.67. They also have plates to use on the floor as replacements, but are not tapped, for $6.82.
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