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Seats in a 66 Mustang

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Hi - I've been restoring/modifying my '66 Mustang for the last 5 years and am now getting to the interior. The driver's seat seems much to tight for me - knees in the steering wheel. Has anyone relocated there seats back 6 inches or more. Any tricks? Here is a URL of the car - as it stands now:

Thanks - Dan
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I've heard of repositioning the seat platforms towards the rear to allow for more leg room for taller drivers.
You must be a big guy - I'm 6'2" and have never felt like my mustangs were tight in the leg room department.
I suspect you might get a few extra inches by simply repositioning the holes in the seat platform (in standard position), but more than that will make moving the entire platform necessary.
Good luck and let us know what / how you do ! Dickson

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Man do I wish I'd seen that site when I was doing the pans and seats! Thought about it but figured it
would hose up the carpet fit, oh well....

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Thanks for the possibilities ! I am only 6'1", but as has been noted, some Mustangs sit "better" than others ! Unfortantely, I don't weld, just bolt on : )

Believe it or not, I currently just have one seat in the it - I needed to drive it through inspection. However, I ended up with the passenger's seat in the driver position ( the driver's seat is torn apart ). I hope to start doing the seat covers etc next month. At that time, I will really look at the options suggested.
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