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Seattle Area VMF'ers. VMF T-Shirts?

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Bob has indicated that there may be T-shirts available at Corn Feed. If the T-shirts are ready, I'm willing to take orders and bring some back for Seattle area people from Corn Feed. Please reply with size and quantity. Of course, if T-shirts are not ready, all bets are off.

I'll be back in Seattle before July 4th, so in plenty of time for Roundup.

66_Pony has already contacted me so he's covered.

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I'm still waiting for the word so we can order them!
Yeah, bring one back for me Keith, XL. Thanks!
That'd be great. I'll take an XL. If they are doing kids sizes, add 1ea large & medium.
What I've done in the past is gotten my son an adult small. It may work for you. But my boy has always been big (5 feet tall @ 8 1/2).
I'll take an adult Medium!
An adult small might work for my 10 year old daughter, but I think it might be a tad bit too big for my 7 year old boy. See what they have, if he doesn't have kids sizes, go ahead and get me 2 adult smalls. Thanks

Along with my XL, of course.
I will take an XL! Thanks a lot. You can find me at the Wild West Mustang Booth or we can meet before...I may make it to the bar-b-que if I get the car done! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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