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NEW from Mustang Project --- LED lamps for your gauges. The Mustang was notorious for its dimly lit gauges. Mustang Project has created special LED lamps designed for classic Mustangs. Off the shelf lamps just wont work properly with some older cars and they are just too dim to be of any use. We have utilized a new multi-LED design and ultra-bright LED so that you can finally see your Mustang gauges at night with cool running lifetime LEDs that are 4X brighter than the old incandescent lamps!

Designed to last a lifetime. Each kit contains enough of our unique custom LEDs designed especially to replace all of your gauge indicators including directional signals, high beam, warning lights and gauge lighting. You will be amazed at how much brighter the gauges appear during night or dusk driving. Each kit is warranted for the life of your car! Available in 5 colors including the original blue but brighter and sharper!

More great reasons to convert to LEDs for your gauge panel lighting:
• Our LED appear 4X brighter than incandescent bulbs!
• Keep a factory look which increases the value of your classic car!
• Chose your color for a custom look!
• LED lights last forever and our kits are warranted for the life of your car!
• LED lights produce nearly no heat, which can damage delicate instruments and melt plastics.
• LED lights require very low power to operate reducing the load on your alternator or generator.

For even brighter illumination remove the old lenses inside of your gauge set and get 5X normal brightness! Lens removal is required when changing from blue to any other color. This is an easy task and only requires removal of the gauge assembly from the dash.

Click Here for More Info!
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