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Well I decide to replace the parking brake cable that I broke a couple of weeks ago today. After removing the entire handle assembly - which I realized later that I probably didn't need to do I stuggled with removing the pin. When that failed I decided to just break it off drill it out later & replace it with a roll pin. After I broke it and turned it over I find the hole on the bottom & drive the remains out with a drift. Oh well at least I don't have to drill out the hole.

By the way - anyone know if the pin is available?
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Isn't just an ordinary spring pin?, you should be able to pick up at local hardware or autoparts store, usually they have an assortment, did you save any of the old pin?

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It's not one of those weird taperedl shape pins was it? I don't recall seeing them being reproduced, but check an AMK catalogue or your friendly neighborhood Mustang Parts Place.

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Just take what is left of your old pin to the hardware store...they should be able to match it up .

good luck!

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