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Needless to say that sequential tail lights look really impressive. They appeared on the market in the late 60's, but unfortunately this type of lights was not available for most of the models of that time.

Sequential light kits have been around for quite a long time but only today we can enjoy the brightest and sharpest light of Sequential LED panels made by Digi-Tails.
This manufacturer is specialized on LED light kits for classic American cars, muscle cars and trucks. You can read more about Digi-Tails at CARiD.

Check out Sequential LED tail lights in action in YouTube videos below:

Impressive LED motion will surprise any driver behind you. Unlike other modern fancy LEDs, halo rings, light bars etc., these sequential lights do look at home on classic Camaros, Chargers and Mustangs and C/K trucks, as they represent a period correct era of the automotive industry.

These lights are available for the most of classic American cars and tucks.

Choose the lights for your year/model on this page:
Digi-Tails® - Tail Light LED Sequential Panel Kit

How do you like these lights?

Let me know if you need a quote!
Please include your shipping zip and email address.
I will be glad to calculate the total for you guys.
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