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Hi all, I'm currently in the processing of rebuilding my 65' fastback and it requires some substantial patches on some of the firewall, cowl etc.

From my research I've found that these panels are around the 18gauge mark (Around 1.2mm?) which seems to line up with what ive seen.

My question is which type of metal should i be using for these repairs, Ideally I would be able to Mig weld the repairs, so i was intially thinking plain old Mild Steel? But im unsure if this is the right path, could anyone advise of type of metals to be using? I'm new and just looking to gain experience and learn some new skills as I build.

(Adding a little picture to grab some attention haha)

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With the price of steel these days, you might as well just buy the replacement panels and cut what you need to be honest(or replace the entire panel). Mild steel is of course fine, if you have a choice between cold rolled or hot rolled though, I would actually go hot rolled since it takes welding better....but even that depends on how much welding you are doing.
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