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Hi all, just wanted to start a new build thread, its been a while since I completed my 67 TA project, with the second kid time is not a-plenty so I have been doing small jobs on the 67 fastback i picked up about 4 years ago but making slow progress. However being home now due to the Covid scare and privileged to be able to work from home so... I have been able to re-start working on the it again.

Project is a Shelby type clone but restomod as much as possible and wallet will allow, my last car was a TA tribute so period as much as possible, this time i want some modern amenities. :) ...especially A/C!

So far I have a 1967 fastback shell which has had all the sheet metal done by previous owner.

  • Shelby Nose and Hood from MustangsToFear
  • TCP Rack
  • Street or Track front coil over Bilstein suspension (which is fantastic, cannot wait to see how it drives.)
  • Street or Track - 13" Front Brakes
  • Shock Tower Bracing
  • 1969 seat pans, gives me about 1 1/2" extra head room (I am 6' 2")
Waiting to be installed:
  • 428 PI motor
  • TKO600 setup from Modern Driveline
Right now I have been prepping the interior (removal of old seat pans and install 69 ones) and starting on mounting the brake system. I have fabricated a firewall plate from 11 gauge steel to strengthen up the brake and clutch area.

I will throw some pictures up here real soon.

I have a lot of questions about the FE motor and all that will ensue, last time I had a 302 so this should be interesting.

..oh and for anyone curious why an FE ... its the sounds of it and I have no better reason. :)

Stay safe!
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