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Shelby and DONZI in 1966

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I posted an inquiry about a carb I have 20+ pages back and you historians were kind enough to identify it as a Shelby carb/manifold combo from 1966.

Well, the motor I got came down from Canada, It's a 289 that came out of a 1966 DONZI 16 that was built under contract to DONZI by Sheppard (sp?) boats in Ontario. That's why there's still quite a few vintage sport boats in Canada.

The question is: have any of you heard of this relationship? The very early (64-65) DONZI's had a flakey Eaton outdrive with Ford engines that were later changed to Volvo outdrives. Up to the late '60's you could buy any of the DONZI boats with a H/M marine conversion (very desireable parts for collectors/restorers) but this engine seems to have real Shelby parts added but there's no other Hollman-Moody stuff with it (exchaust manifolds and marine pump were missing).

I 'm in Maryland and plan on selling this gear off, as I decided to keep the 302 I had in my '66 Sweet Sixteen...and when it was all done - I sold it.

The block is interesting; isn't there usually a little lip at the top of the cylinder from wear/use? This one doesn't have it. 34yrs. later I can only speculate that in Canada you don't have that many days of potential use. Where else would you look for signs of wear?

Thanks again for you guys being so helpful. When I do decided what to do. I'll keep it here rather than going to Ebay or one of the other snakepits. It'd be nice to see it go to a user rather than a re-seller.
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You are from Maryland? So am I, and coincidently own a Donzi. Mine is a 1973 19' Hornet that I've had for about 20 years now. Unfortunately, it has its original factory 427 Brand-X engine. Now my son has a restored 1969 18' Donzi with a real engine, a highly modified 351W. Although the H/M (289/302) SBF was replaced before he bought the boat, Many of the H/M marine components were carried over. He has the aluminum H/M manifolds, Bellhousing, engine mounts, and cooling system. His Volvo outdrive has the H/M plate too. We have an extra H/M bellhousing and some other parts as spares. More significant was an extra Ford C9OX-9424-A intake manifold. A lot of the classic Donzis around here have been converted to Brand-X engines and its great when my son whips up on one of them!

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