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Shelby Quick Steering kit

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I am considering puchaseing one of these kits. Anyone have one? What exactly does it do? Does anyone have one and if so do you like it and does it handle good? Thanks for your time, Tim

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WOW! I reached Tire Kicker at only 26 posts!

Yeah, i meant Quick

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I don't know what a "Shelby Ship Steering kit" is but I think you meant "Shelby quick Steering kit". If so it provides longer idler and pitman arms that effectively change the ratio or manner in which the cars responds to steering inputs.

I would do it and lower the upper control arms 1" per the Shelby modification specs.
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Can It be done w/o lowering the control arms? If so, will it work as well? Or will it hurt my cars handleing? Thanks, Tim
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