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Shelby Test Drive

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If it doesn't rain today, I'm going to take the 67 Shelby on Ebay for a test drive.

Will Report back.

J. Boggs

ps. As I post, the sky is darkening.
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Don't be ridiculous, although this time last year I did give it about 5 minutes of consideration--wish I had.

I saw this thing on E-bay, called the guy and he seemed pretty nice. Say's he buys and sells Shelbys for a living-seemed like a good guy to know.

I was actually conspiring on an elaborate "Bishir Style" April Fools joke involving the Shelby but my wife dragged me to Charleston last weekend and they don't have an internet hookup which seriously cramped my devilishness.

J. Boggs
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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