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shelby type valance

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getting ready to order front valance//saw note on this forum while back//someone really liked certain valance because it had a built in type mesh or screen/instead of open area///anyone know who may have this type valance/i like the sounds of it//as always /thanks gary s.

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I ordered mine from Tony Branda. They have a webpage and are located in PA. I am going to attempt to cut up my old grille and place it in the opening.

Here is a pic of what it can look like.

Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat
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i just got those little 1/4 windows from branda//u know repl. the vents like a shelby//u have a nice lookin car/the way this guy talked where your valance is open there is a [filler]sreen/mesh like as part of valance///thanks gary s.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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