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Shifter ?

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I'm planning to put an aod tranny in my '65 fastback. Will my original shifter work with the new tranny? Thanks.
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You should be able to use the '65 shifter but you will need a special rod from the shift lever to trans which Windsor-Fox sells. You will also need a TV cable (TV=throttle valve?) which I think Windsor-Fox could help you with too since you must have this adjusted just right or the AOD will quickly become DOA.

Hope that helps,

Dean T

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With the 66 and others I suspect.
I have the dot with a circle that allows it to start in low and shift up to second and third.
Or I put it in the top position and it starts in second and shifts to third.
Can I control the OD shift? Meaning can I keep it in third (drive) say under 55 mph if I wish to keep the RPM in the power range?

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Dean, Thanks for the info. The reason I asked was because I just bought a new shift lever, bezel/handle kit and was thinking if it wasn't going to work I'd better return it quick. Once again, THANKS...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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