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Shipping wheels (best way to package?)...

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I have some wheels that I need to ship (UPS ground)...
What kind of care needs to be taken when boxing up alloy wheels for this kind of transport?
I have the boxes that they came in...(15x10 wheels in a cardboard box of the same size).
There is no padding for the wheels themselves...are they in danger of getting damaged or are they strong enough to where they'll be ok.
I just don't want to have to get 4 more huge boxes and fill them full of foam popcorn, ect., ect...
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The boxes they came in should be fine. We have shipped several wheels this way and it is also how we recieve them.
Always get a trackig number and insurence is not a bad idea either. The best way is to contact UPS and request how to do it and this will ensure that they are packaged properly and meets their insurence requirements.

Good Luck!
Thank you Sir!
It is cheaper some times to tape 2 of the boxes together and then send them and you only need to worry about 2 tracking numbers. It worked for me especially with alloy rims.
Add a small amount of foam to the front of the rim just to make sure.
good luck
Also try FEDEX ground they tend to be cheaper on the heavier items.
You might also try weighing them and then go to It was cheaper for me to have them picked up at my house instead of dropping the off at the counter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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