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Shock absorbers

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How do you know that your shocks are due for replacing. I had my car in for inspection yesterday and was told my shocks should be replaced, but was not necessary to pass inspection. Also what are the best shocks to buy?

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One old way to check is to push down on the front fender. If your shocks are ok it should push up once. If bad it will bounce a few times. As far as what shocks are the best it all comes down to how you drive your car. If you like to get on it high pressure gas shocks will give you a firmer ride. Low pressure will give you a nice smooth ride for KYB shocks come in both high pressure and low pressure types
The old way was to press down, then release, then press down and release again & see how many times it takes for the car to stop. But if it's been say 4-5 years with a lot of driving I'd replace them just to make sure. Koni, Monroe Gas shocks are good. I run Monroe Gas on the front. Monroe air shocks on rear (springs are worn).

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These shocks are on the rear and have about 35,000 miles on them and are 5 years old. The roads in PA are in rough shape. I think part of the problem is these shock had a boot around them which had broken.

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There are many types of shocks to chose from. Konis were an old favorite and you can't go wrong with them - they're a bit pricey. KYB are gas charged shocks and many folks like them saying they aren't as harsh riding as Konis are (even at Koni's softest setting). A new shock design is the IAS from Edelbrock. I like the concept - they have an internal weight which controls the valving so that the wheel follows the road surface. Haven't riden in a car equipped with them so I can't vouch for them. I seem to recall Laurie S is putting in a set in Trouble.


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Koni Classics are adjustable. Actually both ways. Down (bump might be the correct word) has to be adjusted at Koni retailer who knows what to do. Up (bounce?) is the more familiar 5-way adjustable.

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I have always been a Koni guy. I hung in Porsche crowds for a long time and Konis are the preference - but a lot of VMF folks think KYB are great...

From the research i have done I think the Konis are stiffer - that means better preformance but rougher ride.

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