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Once upon a time I read in a Mustang Monthly about buying and installing big block shock tower gussets(Braces) that go around the shock tower and were factory welded on . They came only on big block cars but over the years I have seen cars with one only factory correct as ford just used what they had in stock. I have since purchased a Calif. car that has one original big block tower and one regular in a 302 car. I didn't believe it myself as being factory correct until I did research on it. Would like to buy some braces to do the other side as well. Thanks!

Dr Gas makes the shock tower kit. its no where near some of the mustang junk yards or shelby places, good used ones are available. These also were used in cougars. ps 69's wont work in the 67-68's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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