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My drivers side shock tower seems to be leaning inward and in general looks like something catastrophic has occured. It is also craked and looks like it's causing the engine to sit low on one side. Has anyone replaced the tower? What can I do in order to maintain the original geometry of the suspension and motor mounts? To make maters worse, the passenger side floor support is not welded to the floor pans..and is also bent and cracked. Also, I think the front torque boxes are missing.

With regard to the shock tower replacement; yes, it can be done. Check out this link:

Is it possible that the floor was patched or replaced already and a previous owner forgot to weld it down to the floor supports? Also, IIRC, the '65-'66 hardtops did not have front torque boxes.

Hope this stuff helps. Get copies of the factory assembly and weld/sealant manuals - make sure the shock towers are spaced properly. Using an original Ford export brace and a Monte Carlo bar should help verify whether the new shock tower is in the correct position before welding.
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