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I left the house today in the stang to go get a haircut, and was a few blocks away..dang it...I forgot my new insurance cards on the table. So I turn around and head back to the house. On the way I pass one of Romeoville's finest in his squad car. I cordially wave as he passes by in the other direction.

Just after I pass him, I see him turn around in the street. Oh Boy!..No lights or siren, so I continue driving the last 2 blocks home. The officer followed me all the way, and stopped in my driveway!

I figure...I wasn't doing anything wrong! The officer walked up and introduced himself and wanted to look over the car! Seems he owns a 68, 66, and 65 mustangs! Of course I was relieved and talked with him for 15 minutes about our cars.

He invited me to stop by the station, as he has been driving his 68 to work. Real nice guy. Never a bad thing to have a police officer/mustanger around as an aquaintance!

Sure gave me a hit to the ticker though I have to admit!

have a great day you all!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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