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I know this is going to come as a surprise for some but... I have kind of decided to use the 73 as my daily once it is done, maybe 4 or 6 weeks now.

I will retire the 2002 vert and give it garage privilege and use the 73 vert as my daily, it has a rebuilt engine a rebuilt tranny and should be quite reliable.

The way i look at it "all and all" the 73 will have cost me 15 to 20 k the 2002, 40k with taxes and all, doesn't it make sense???

Should i get off the cold medicine??

All i know is that until i made that decision i was totally unmotivated to work on the car and must have let it alone for like 3 months, but since i have spent like 18 hours in the garage just this week end and i am now super excited all over again!!!

I just feel a little crazy about the idea ...being from Canada and thinking about winter!!!! Maybe i can get a junker for the winter time....
Let me know your own experience and if you too experience winter!

P.S it is a convertible!

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