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On early fastbacks, is there any rule about whether the back seat should be up or down, or is this up to the owner? We were talking about this the other night.
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Up. so the judge can view the upholstery. me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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In the up position, judge needs to see the upholstery as well as the rear seat belts and fit of the seat while up.

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Depends on the type of show and the class entered. In general most shows require that the seats, convertible tops and windows be up. Have done shows where fastback rear seats are looked at in both up and down settings. But always start with it up ... this reduces the little indentation in the center of the lower seat material cased by the fold sown section

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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