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Show-off my first resto.

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May not be a vintage mustang, but I thought I would practice on something a little less valuable first. Its an '80 hatch with '84 nose and tail lights, wing, newer style mags. The interior has been done black with t-bird turbo coupe seats. '85 5.0 H.O, auto and the usual performance goodies. Its come a long way since I had the $250 wreck towed home. I'm kind of proud of it and wanted to share it now that I can. I finished it last fall and will try to sell it this spring, then I can start on my fastback!

Someone please buy my Ski Doo!
68 fastback, 390 4V premium fuel
80 5.0 hatch, just finished
91 5.0 coupe, daily driver
84 RamCharger 4x4 extreme mudsliger and winter junker
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