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Hi guys, haven't been around for a few days. We have a show in Finland, American Car Show hosted by FHRA. The largest indoor show, expecting 70000 spectators. Not that bad in a country of 5mil people. Usually we (Finnish Mustang Club) have one car, this time we had 10. Eight early HTs from 65 to 73, the idea was that we have had Bosses and Shelbys (really!) some many times that the backbone of the hobby, the red 65 HT is too often forgotten. Plus we had two racing cars, one 65FB and 89Vert (both will be in the same class, BTW). We were on the both motorsport channels this evening. I always say VMF is my second club and tonight I knew why it is just the second. So, everybody, support your local club.

Door handle first when cornering
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You got that right brother !!!!

Photos from 2001 Australian National Concourse
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